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Earn the Associate Android Developer Certification from Google and learn to build rich mobile applications for the worlds most popular mobile operating system - Android.

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CSA: The Computer Science Association of South Africa is a professional body formed in partnership with Google to promote, protect, and advance Computer Science and software development education in the country.

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This course is designed for students who have taken one of Hyperion's intermediate courses, or have equivalent experience (1 year + programming experience)

Course Overview


Learn how to build Android apps for the Google play store and get accredited by Google. Hyperion Development has partnered with Google to bring you this Android app development course. Complete the course and have your skills recognised worldwide when you earn your Google accredited certificate!

This course will not just enable you to become a proficient app developer, but will give you all the skills you require to become a well seasoned software developer. By the end of the course you will be able to:

-Develop software in Java and XML

-Learn the fundamental application components and User Interface (UI) design

-Build and deploy your apps in Android Studio

-Design multiple apps that are ready for deployment on the Google play store

-Develop apps using Google’s material design principles to build beautiful apps that will function across multiple devices.

-Integrate Google play store services (Maps, location etc..) and third party libraries to add functionality to your apps.

-Apply the best practices for app efficiency, code readability, testing, memory and power management.

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Access to course content

Discussion forum

Get paired with a 1:1 mentor
(learn how it works)

Career guidance and job
search support

Get your code and assignments
reviewed by your mentor
on the day of submission

Earn a Hyperion certification

Weekly video calls with mentor

On-demand priority live chat
with your mentor

$599 per month
$1497 3 months up-front

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Course Syllabus

Our courses are designed to help you learn programming skills through practice. Here are the practical projects you'll complete with the help of a mentor as part of this course:


Making it Better

We'll be learning how to take the concepts we learned previously push them even further. We'll be making our User Interfaces more functional and dynamic through advanced design concepts and Fragments. We'll also learn about a variety of different features made available to us, such as Loaders, Alarms and Widgets, all of which enhance our app's and user experience.


Professional Grade

We learn how to correctly utilise the different services that the Android system allows us access to. We also learn how to schedule tasks allowing our app to complete actions at a later stage. We also go through how we can build and sign-off on the apps we make, which will allow us to place them onto the Google Play store for us to distribute or sell, and end off our course with a large project culminating all our knowledge together.

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Andrae Smith

Sobane Motlomelo

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Certified Mobile Developer Learning Path

A combination of 3 courses, from beginner to advanced, getting you started on the type of career you want.

Complete the following three courses
to graduate from this Learning Path:

Complete this learning path in 9 months
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Students Reviews

Why Take This Course?

Earn Google's Associate Android Developer qualification on completion of this course - a globally recognised accreditation launched in 2016 by Google. This is the first course on the African continent developed in partnership with Google to offer this accreditation. 

With the over 1 billion active devices and 65 billion app downloads between August 2010 to May 2016. The android app development market is the biggest mobile software market and continues to grow on the daily. Android app developers have highly rewarding careers, with high salaries and flexible employment prospects. As a qualified developer you have the opportunity to be independent by developing and monetise your own apps on the play store.

Up to 80% of all current software development jobs in the South African and international markets require at least either Python, Java, C#, IOS or Android app development. App development is a field in software development that is in demand. There’s no doubt you’ll be in demand with this MicroDegree in your resume.

Handwritten feedback on your work on the day of submission

On-demand priority live chat with your mentor and weekly 1:1 mentorship call

Full access to tailored course content and coding exercises

On-boarding guidance call with an expert mentor to check you're on the right course

Certificate and professional reference on completion

Post graduation career support
A MicroDegree is a innovative new concept which goes beyond simply taking an online course. This certification is designed to get you the skills that employers believe are integral to get a job in software development. It focuses on learning by doing, and is typically comprised of 8 to 15 practical programming projects with hundreds of additional programming exercises and course content to support the skills needed to complete these projects.

All our MicroDegrees connect you with a 1:1 mentor, to which your practical programming projects are submitted for feedback. Your mentor works with you in real time to improve your code, solve programming exercises, and craft your learning path to match your intended career. Mentor support is available 24/7 online with face-to-face support offered in selected areas.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Prior programming experience requirements

- It is required that you have had at least 12 months programming experience or have taken one of our intermediate-level courses in order to take this course.


- Motivation and dedication to learn, and apply your mind to more complex tasks in programming.

- Proficiency in both written and spoken English

Technical Proficiencies

-Basic computer skills, such as sending emails, downloading and installing software and saving files.

-Note that this course is considered an advanced course, as you will be dealing with complex concepts and as a result will need to be confident in your ability to already code at a basic level.

-It is required that you are confident and familiar with programming in Java. Should you not be, kindly consider taking the Java Software Developer course.

Equipment and Technologies

-Access to a computer and a broadband internet connection.*

-It is required that you have a computer with at least a dual core processor and 4GB of memory.

-An installation guide of Android studio which you need for the software development will be provided.

-An email address where course content and other important course information can be delivered.

*The use of Dropbox means you’re not required to be always online while taking this MicroDegree. Even if you don’t have internet - perhaps due to some loadshedding - you can still access your Dropbox folder and continue to edit/update files. As soon as you have internet again, your Dropbox will sync with your trainer and he or she will see your changes. Dropbox and our own website is also available on everything from Blackberry to Apple tablets - so you will be able to learn while on the move.

Course Mentors

Riaz Moola
Course Director

Riaz is the head of content at Hyperion. He holds a degree in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, and previously worked at Google on the Search team. He has a passion for creating accessible educational content that has grown since he first founded Hyperion in 2012.

Masood Gool
Lead Mentor

Masood has supported hundreds of students in mastering software development skills and switching careers, after undergoing a career switch himself from the world of accounting to tech. He holds a degree from the University of Johannesburg and is committed to co-creating the coders of tomorrow.

Sobane Motlomelo
Course Consultant

Sobane is one of the founders of Hyperion with a passion for growing software developers in Africa. A Mathematics and Computer Science graduate of the University of Cape Town, Sobane’s expertise lay in Cyber Security.

Jared Ping

Jared Ping has been involved with the computer science industry for several years, including at the Computer Science Association of South Africa and the Google-funded Community of Practice project. Jared played an essential role in developing Hyperion’s Android course for Google accreditation.

Nasreen Mahomed

Nasreen is both a Mentor and Content Creator at Hyperion. In 2015 she won the Barclay’s Computer Science Prize at UKZN. Nasreen loves learning new programming languages. She’s also an avid gamer with a passion for game development.

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